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The Plains Talk Newsletter is a quarterly publication of West Plains Engineering highlighting our projects, challenges and, most importantly, solutions.

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  • Nov/Dec
    • Looking into the Past: SD Mines Paleontology Laboratory
    • Strategic Direction Report: Laboratory Ventilation Systems
    • A Whole Different Animal: SDSU Animal Science HVAC Upgrades
    • A Labor(atory) of Love: ADRDL Evolution
    • Pre-Fab Lab: SD Mines Physics Clean Room
  • Aug/Sept
    • Protecting Patient Privacy: Ft. Meade VA Medical Center
    • Strategic Direction Report: Creating Environments to Help Heal
    • Behind the Scenes Safety: University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics
    • Healthcare with Style: Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital Urgent Care Clinic
  • May/June
    • Coming Full Circle: Gage Brothers Manufacturing Plant & Office
    • Strategic Direction Report: Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities
    • Building for Workflow: Wilson Trailer
    • Taking Out (More) Trash: City of Casper Baler Building
  • Mar/Apr
    • Re-Creating Recreation: Boys & Girls Club of Aberdeen
    • Keeping Pace with Pool Design
    • Modernizing Family Fitness: Casper Family YMCA
    • The Value of Well-Being: Lone Tree Wellness Center
  • Jan/Feb
    • Putting Pilots First: Slayton Municipal Airport
    • Strategic Direction Report: Answers for Airports
    • Not One Size Fits All: Sheridan County Airport Fuel Farm
    • Protecting the Fleet: Sanford AirMed Hangar