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MEP Design for Breweries

As we were putting this edition of Plains Talk together, we couldn’t help echo the immortal words of one Homer J. Simpson:


What the iconic character puts so simply, is truer now than ever. Our country (and our team) loves its suds – just look at the numbers.

The popularity of microbreweries locally producing craft beers has more than doubled in the United States in the past decade. And these drafts aren’t only available in small batches at your local haunt, breweries are installing sophisticated canning and packaging operations in-house and taking their products to taps and shelves hundreds of miles away.

Whether it’s a brand new building or a creative renovation of an old structure – the mechanical and electrical systems to support these spaces are unique. HVAC, plumbing and electrical schemes need to support fermentation, grain milling, canning/packaging, cold storage, clean-up/wash down, tap rooms and event spaces – to name a few.

In this edition, we’ll share the stories behind a few of our recent brewery adventures and dig deeper into the complex mechanical world of beer making.