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Dollars for Doers Earns $1,200 in First Year

In 2018, members of our staff contributed more than $1,200 to local charities through volunteer hours and financial contributions. For their time, effort and dedication to improving our communities, West Plains Engineering is proud to match that contribution. Through our firm’s new “Dollars for Doer’s” program, each hour of volunteer work or dollar of personal charity our employee’s submit is matched with an equal corporate donation (up to $150 each).

Below is a list of causes and organizations supported by our “Doers” in 2018:

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WPE Ways to Give

One of the key pillars of our company culture is a belief in growth and development. We’re invested in the idea that each member of our team should be given an opportunity to shine not just professionally – but as a member of their community as well. One of the ways we support our staff in this effort is through our multi-faceted corporate philanthropy program.

West Plains Engineering Ways to Give is designed to empower employees to make a difference in their local communities on every level. Not only does each have a voice in selecting causes for our firm to support financially, but each is also recognized and rewarded for getting out and participating in local events and initiatives that hit close to home.

  • The Corporate Giving tier is the largest single charitable donation given annually by WPE. The goal of this tier is to support an organization or initiative that reflects and advances our firm’s culture and values, while also making a local impact. Each year, a list of finalists is selected by the firm’s Operation’s Group. These finalists are voted on by all staff at the company Design Conference and the winner is notified at the end of the year. In 2018, we selected the Alzheimer’s Association.
  • Community Investment allows each of our five markets to make charitable contributions to local programs that are important in their community. Team members submit nominations in support of their favorite charity or event, including a short description of why its deserving or important. All submissions are reviewed and voted on, by each office, at the Design Conference and the winners are notified at the end of the year. Visit our News page to learn about the 2018 winners from each of our offices.
  • Giving means more than money – it’s also about donating time, resources and energy. Through our Dollars for Doers program, we encourage our staff to get involved in their local community as volunteers and participants. As a reward, they earn additional corporate funds to reinvest in a program that hits home for them personally. For each hour of volunteer work or dollar of personal charity, WPE matches that individual with an equal corporate donation.