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Moorcroft Elementary School

The City of Moorcroft in northern Wyoming not only saw a need for a new elementary school – the community saw the opportunity to use the experience as a learning tool for students.

The new 82,000 square foot school was designed using a Project Based Learning curriculum – meaning many of the components (architectural, structural, mechanical & electrical) were developed in a way they could be presented and discussed with the students to help them understand how each supports the other in forming an operational building.

For us, that meant students learned about rooftop air handling units, variable air volume boxes and natural gas boilers – and how all of them are controlled through a Building Automation System. They also saw the implementation of energy efficient lighting to keep cost and their environmental footprint in check, as well as specialized systems like data infrastructure, video surveillance, class room sound reinforcement and fire alarms that keep today’s technology-based schools running smoothly.