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Michael J. Fitzmaurice State Veteran’s Home

West Plains Engineering provided mechanical and electrical engineering design services for the new 145,000 square foot Michael J. Fitzmaurice State Veteran’s Home facility. The threestory building consists of 100 residential rooms situated around eight neighborhoods with a full complement of administrative and support services. In essence, it’s a self-contained community, offering residents dining, entertainment, a chapel, a library, movies and social events, in addition to a complete range of health care options, including a pharmacy, clinic, physical therapy gym and much more.

The HVAC serving the facility utilizes a highly efficient heat pump system with a combination of standard water-to-air heat pumps and variable refrigerant water-to-air heat pump units. The hydronic loop serving the heat pump is conditioned by the steam from the boiler plant. Fresh air for the facility is preconditioned utilizing airto- air heat exchangers prior to reaching the heat pumps. All systems utilize variable speed to optimize energy performance.

The new facility is served by a Biomass Boiler Plant that uses waste shavings and other waste wood materials from sawmills as a fuel source. The Biomass Boiler plant provides an economical heating source for the facility using this renewable energy resource. Also installed as part of the Biomass Boiler Plant is a 1,250KW generator that will provide emergency power to the new facility, as well as the Biomass Boiler Plant.