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Terra Sancta – Spiritual Life Center & Elementary School

Terra_Sancta2This project provided for complete remodel of the elementary school, the Spiritual Life Retreat Center, the kitchen/dining area and the second floor dorm. These areas received all new HVAC, plumbing, electrical distribution, lighting, fire alarm and communications systems. The new HVAC systems consisted of a 200 well, eight circuit geothermal well field system serving multiple water-to-air heat pumps throughout the school, kitchen, cafeteria and chapel. The geothermal system also serves water cooled condensers that accommodate multiple inverter recovery fan coil units throughout the Spiritual Life Retreat Center and dorms, as well as a water-to-water heat pump that serves the domestic water heating system. A new sealed combustion boiler was installed replacing the existing boilers to serve the existing hydronic heating system serving the remaining areas of the facility not included within this renovation. The project also provided a completely new electrical distribution system, fire alarm system and fire sprinkler system to support all 167,710 square feet of the facility. Site upgrades included new exterior egress lighting, new playgrounds and parking lots with safety lighting.