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SD Army National Guard Joint Force Headquarters & Readiness Center

West Plains Engineering provided design services for the 140,000 square foot, $37.8 million Joint Force Headquarters Readiness Center for the South Dakota Army National Guard. The facility serves as the State Headquarters for the South Dakota Air and Army National Guard. It includes office space, cafeteria, assembly space, data center, training rooms and secure operations centers. Special equipment includes generators, computer room cooling systems, security systems and secure communication systems. As part of the base project, a 300 kW generator and corresponding 225KW UPS was designed to provide backup power for the computer server room. This computer server room serves as the backbone to the South Dakota Army National Guard’s Data and Telecommunications System. This is a mission essential facility and as such a reliable electrical system was crucial. The generator system not only provides power for the computer systems and switches, but also provides power for a dedicated HVAC system that maintains an optimal environment for the equipment to operate. An auxiliary 2500 kW generator system was also designed and installed to provide electrical backup power for the entire building. The facility is certified LEED Silver.